Black Lives Matter

I am approaching this by looking into - and changing - where I hold power as a creative, a business owner, a community member, a white person, and a American citizen. How can I shift this power to center Black people and advocate for justice? I have power to spend, sell, speak, collaborate, promote, vote, teach, and eventually hire. I have the power to share my space, my time, and my money.

I am starting with where I spend my money - from business supplies to monthly subscriptions/donations. The next biggest one is what shops are representing me and profiting off of my work? Are they committed to anti-racism practice and accountability? Some are painting a clear, and silent picture. We, as makers, have to hold our galleries and shops to a higher standard. We must be willing to break ties with those that aren't willing to work.

Some of these things are ways I shift my power daily (spending, speaking), others come up monthly (selling, promoting, teaching), and others less often but just as important (voting!). These are some of the ways we can buck against the status quo that centers white people and white supremacy and puts profit over people. I'd love to learn from anyone willing to share ideas and thoughts about other ways to shift power as a creative and business owner. Please keep me accountable. Black people have been doing this for too long, it's been time for us to step up.