It's me, Sierra Estes! I live in Houston, TX where I make all the clay goodies you see on here. I grew up in the Caribbean and South America and returned to the US for college, where I got my BA in Ceramics in West Tennessee. In 2016 I moved to Houston with my husband. We've got a sweet little family of animals that I love so very much.


My lifelong affinity for the earth drew me into clay, where I found a sense of familiarity and intimacy working with my hands. I haven't been able to imagine a life that didn't include making with clay. My love for ceramics is rooted in the experience of working with the earth and being able to bring that connection to others through functional objects used in everyday rituals like morning coffee, preparing food to nurture ourselves, and communing over a meal together.

There is intrinsic beauty and value in the hand crafted object and I believe that it has the ability to transform our everyday rituals into moments of pause, reflection, and connection. I see the dirt in my pots as sacred and that by honoring it we can find some communion with nature. I firmly believe that the work behind handmade goods should be valued, and that they should have a place not only in the exciting and beautiful spaces, but also in the ordinary quiet moments. I want quality objects and experiences to be accessible by all.