Can I shop in person?

Yes! I sell at the Downtown Grower's Market at Robinson Park in Albuquerque on the last Saturday of every month May-Nov 2023. 

How soon can I expect my online purchase to be shipped?

I try my best to get packages shipped within 1-3 business days, but I also try to limit my trips to the post office to once a week, and I'm just one person doing all the tasks! Your package should definitely be headed your way within a week, and if you haven't received a shipping notification by then, feel free to contact me at estes.ceramics@gmail.com.

Is my pottery food safe?

Yes, my pots are glazed in lead-free food safe glazes and meant to be used regularly.

Is my pottery microwave safe?

Yes! They will hold up just fine in the microwave, as long as they are heated evenly and aren't subject to sudden changes of temperature. Be warned that they may be hot to the touch. 

Can I put my pots in the dishwasher?

Yes, you can wash your handmade pots in the dishwasher, I still recommend hand-washing when you can.

Are you accepting new wholesale clients?

 No, I am not taking on any new wholesale clients for the foreseeable future. 

Do you take commissions?

Yes, I am currently taking commissions! Send me an email at estes.ceramics@gmail.com with what you would like to commission. Please keep in mind I am an artist with a specific range of style and I do not create work outside of that style, take a look at in Instagram feed to get acquainted to my work.